Vinyl Tubing Beer & Gas Line (Multiple Sizes)

This is thick walled vinyl tubing.  Special dual durometer construction combines a low extraction inner contact surface with a flexible outer layer for excellent kink resistance and taste protection properties.  No foam, super smother bore. Oderless and tasteless. Super Flexible - even when cold.  FDA approved.

3/16" inside diameter (7/16" OD) is best used to dispense beer on home kegerators and keg dispense systems.  The narrow inside diameter applies extra resistance to the beer flow to minimize beer foam at high dispense pressures.  Five feet of 3/16" beer line is recommended for use on kegerators and home brew keg dispense systems. 

1/4" inside diameter (1/2" OD)  is best used to supply air from the CO2 tank's regulator to the keg coupler (keg tap) or for liquid dispense on long runs.

5/16" inside diameter is usually used as gas line from a regulator to a distributor or for gas connection to a commercial keg coupler.

3/8" and 1/2" inside diameter are often used as transfer tubing for home brewing applications and gas tubing for commericial applications.

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