Oxygen Wort Aerator

Professional brewers know that oxygen-rich wort means healthy yeast cells, shorter lag phases, and faster fermentations. As a homebrewer, you should have the same advantages as the professionals.  Adding pure oxygen to wort is more efficient than splashing or shaking a carboy full of beer and will add between 8 - 10 ppm of oxygen. Our oxygen aerator includes a stainless steel shaft welded to a stainless steel diffusion stone with 0.5 micron pores, stainless steel screw clamp, and food grade vinyl tubing.   A local hardware store or welding supply will be able to rent or sell inexpensive oxygen regulators and disposable oxygen tanks.  To use the aerator, sterilize the aerator in a bath of Iodophor prior to placing it in the carboy for aeration, place the stone and dip tube into the primary fermentation carboy, open the regulator and aerate the wort with oxygen and achieve the best fermentation you can.

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