Big Mouth Bubbler - Glass (5 or 6.5 Gallon)

The Big Mouth Bubbler makes cleaning and sanitizing carboys simple and easy.  The Big Mouth carboys have a large enough opening that you will be able to put your entire hand in the carboy to wipe it down during cleaning and sanitation.  Because of the large opening that allows for better cleaning, you will ensure that your beer or wine is fermenting in a sterile environment.  The Big Mouth carboys have a twist off cap that accepts a drilled rubber stopper.

These carboys are hand formed glass and, such as the case is with glass, they are fragile.  Be sure to handle these carboys with the propper care and use.  Glass is fragile.  Vast changes in heat or bumping the glass can cause cracking. 

This item is only available for instore purchases.

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